A superior, performance-driven concrete floor that is resilient , easy to maintain and very durable for outstanding longevity.

Cut Levels

Level 1 Cut - Cream Finish

Level 1 Cut – Cream Finish

A light cut that removes the surface paste exposing the fine aggregates near the surface. (Note: This cut will require a high FF (floor flatness) number of 50 or greater. Most existing poured concrete is a FF 35 unless specified.)

Level 2 Cut – Salt & Pepper Finish

A slightly deeper cut the exposes the fine aggregates and begins to expose the coarse aggregates.

Level 3 Cut – Exposed Aggregate Finish

A deep cut that exposes the coarse aggregates in the surface.

Sheen Levels

Level A Sheen – Low Gloss (Matte Finish)

Grit Level: 200
Gloss Meter: 20 – 30

Level B Sheen – Medium Gloss (Reflective Finish)

Grit Level: 800
Gloss Meter: 41- 55

Level C Sheen – High Gloss (Mirror Finish)

Grit Level: 1500
Gloss Meter: 56 or Higher

Our Most Popular Polished Concrete Systems

The Hybrid Polish

Level 2 Cut
Level A Sheen

The Full Polish

Level 2 Cut
Level C Sheen

Other Concrete Options



Polishable Concrete Topping

An aesthetically pleasing solution for polishing imperfect concrete floors to achieve a perfectly smooth, seam-free surface